Firejail & firefox (other browsers too)

Running 16.3 pro. I opened firefox from the firejaillauncher. How can user confirm that firefox is firejailed? I do not see any indication in firefox. Is there a CLI cmd to confirm this? Also I read something on the web that firefox that comes installed in Zorin (or Ubuntu) is already sandboxed; therefore, firejail does not work with Zorin firefox. Thoughts welcome. (my Linux is a little rusty).

I don't know about Firejail.

Regarding Firefox being sandboxed - on Ubuntu 22.04 and up I think, Firefox is a Snap package so yes it is sandboxed in that sense.

The current version of Zorin 16.3 (based on Ubuntu 20.04) is a traditional package.

Most likely Zorin 17's Firefox will be a Snap (unless the developers do something like Mint does in having their own non-Snap package).

thanks! I just got a reply elsewhere from AI chatbot to run CLI
firejail --list and it shows firefox running "jailed" -- it also said firejail adds another layer (better layer) of protection. I have to read up on snap. Thanks.

I will not be happy about that.

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It is an interesting question.

But the trend from the ZorinGroup is to preinstall Flatpak and Snap plugins. To preinstall the Zorin Flatpak Themes. And that's it.
They allow for the user to choose for themselves and provide the means to do so.
They do not appear to make such choices for the user at any point.

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