First impression and abnormalities of first time using Zorin 16 Core

My System:

  • ThinkPad P51
  • Intel® Core™ i7-7820HQ CPU @ 2.90GHz × 8
  • NVIDIA Corporation GM206GLM [Quadro M2200 Mobile] / Quadro M2200/PCIe/SSE2


  1. Slow and fine tochpad movements are still too fast relative to the fast movement. It’s (only relatively) hard to hit the X to close an application.
  2. Touchpad scrolling stops immediately when you release your fingers. There is no nudge possible. If that worked, everything would feel a whole lot smoother.
  3. I toggled the Bluetooth key on my keyboard (ThinkPad P51) but it only stayed in the off position and always noticed me about that.
    1. Then in the Bluetooth menu I could turn it on with a mouse click on the toggle button, but when I turned it off again, the toggle button stayed in the on-position, but bluetooth was off.
  4. The scroll key of the ThinkPad P51 keyboard, the key between the upper right and left keys, is not recognised. It would provide to hold that key and then scroll with simple finger up and down movement on the touchpad.
  5. The fan is always slightly on, also while writing this document, with nothing else open. In Windows the fan would be completely silent. I’m not sure if it’s the CPU or GPU.
  6. I installed Zorin 16 Core firstly without Nvidia Drivers, then installed them afterwards (recommendation popped up), namely: NVIDIA Driver Version: 470.86
    1. It feels good enough, but slightly more laggy than on Windows. (Moving windows around, scrolling websites up and down, Google Earth Web Version on Firefox (slightly better on Chrome))
  7. During installation from USB drive:
    1. When I was is the partion menu, I went back, but that took a while (15 seconds maybe)
    2. A few time the selected fields (radio buttons etc.) didn’t select on the first click
      1. This happened also in the already installed OS.
  8. Dual-Boot (GNU GRUB) selection of OS is very laggy. (I have only BIOS, no UEFI, selecting in the BIOS menu is faster than GNU GRUB Bootloader)
  9. When I opened the calender on the bottom right corner and I simultaneously want to scrol a website on my browser, I firstly have to close the calender overlay. BUT it works, when a explorer windows is in the foreground. In Windows I would be able to scroll anyway. (They have a special on-off option for that.)
  10. Connectivity Checking option should be off by default, we are Linux users.

I really love this Distribution. Thanks a lot! I hope this project grows a lot. I wish you guys a lot of success.


MAJOR FLAW: After closing laptop, computer doesn't shut down fully, the fan is still running. AND: After opening laptop, it doesn't resume on my desktop, it simply shows an underscore on the top left corner, and does nothing but spinning the fans.

I would expect it to come alive quickly again...

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Another thing: Fast movements of windows or fast movements in youtube videos produce cracks of the image... In Windows is smoother, that would be great if that could be tackled.
I used nvidia-driver-470, nvidia-driver-390, nvidia-driver-495, also Nouveau display driver... Seems to be all the same.

@tete Hi and welcome to the forum. Also for indicating in your forum profile that you have "Core" edition of ZorinOS. That info will aleviate us having to ask you that question time and again if you come here to seek help.

Is there a chance you can edit your first post so that the "Abnormalities ..." section is shown as normal text. It is difficult to read in window with a horizontal slider.

Note this section of the forum is purely "Feedback". If you are seeking answers to your second and third posts here, you should create 2 new posts for those issues you are having problems with in the "General Help" section.

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MAJOR FLAW 2: Also when I suspend my PC, im getting logged out, then when I suspend from there, the screen turns black, Computer almost shuts down, Power Button light still on, fans spinning for some time. It never shuts down completly, BUT from this condition I cannot wake up... Not by hitting any keys, not by hitting power button, nothing. Only a long click on the power button, shuts down the PC so that I can restart again....

Yes I changed that text style. Yes this should be only feedback, and I hope in the next update, everything is fine. Thx.

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Another thing (2nd display issue): After waiting 10 minutes, doing nothing, the monitors, both integrate and external (over DVI), turn black. Thats normal. But after moving the mouse or a key stroke only the internal monitor turns back on. The external one doesn't, it doesn't get a signal. Only after dragging the monitors from right to left in the display settings and applying these changes the monitor turns back on.
Please fix it, thanks.

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