Flashing "icon"


I've installed zorin lite and after that core version. Problem is the same. What is that? It's blinking every 1-2 seconds.

Please help

On Zorin OS Core, that warning appears when an unsupported key function is pressed.
On Zorin OS Lite- I have never seen it. I am a Zorin OS lite user... Maybe you could screenshot or describe what you see in zorin OS Lite?

If you are not hitting any key and that is happening entirely out of the blue, I would suspect a fault centering on the keyboard. A sticky key, perhaps.


I am wondering if Region and Keyboard map settings are correct for the physical keyboard.
Worth checking, but I have not experienced that problem myself.


I've changed keyboard (was polish and polish legacy) to english. Everything is the same, still blinking. But i've found funny thing. When i launch something on youtube it stops. I'll try to install again lite version but there was the same thing. Maybe it's something connected to notifications but I've no idea to which one.

Two questions:

  1. Did you check the SHA256 checksum for the ZorinOS iso that you downloaded?
  2. Did you attempt to "Try Zorin" from the USB, before you went ahead and installed it. If so did that give you the same "blinking" problem?

Thanks for solutions Aravisian and zabadabadoo. Before I will tell you where is the problem, I'll tell you how i've found it. Yes, it's kind of problem with keyboard but not exactly. First I didn't know what this icon means, i've disabled all notifications, after that changed keyboard to other languages. After 2 hours installed diffirent versions of zorin, nothing changed... Aravisian told me about sticky keys and this was a start to solve the problem. I was starting to disable all of them (click on shortcut, click backspace, set). But every time I've tried (don't touching anything) it displayed me "Autoplay" as a new shortcut . Of course using google to see what is that. These keys (play/pause, V+, V-) are on my keyboard and I've disabled them in bios. Problem didn't changed... So what was the really problem? ........... TADDDAAAM... Headphones... They have the same buttons but in windows they doesn't even works and I'm using them every day and unplugging them for years. In Ziron it looks diffirent... Thanks for help.


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