Flashing iso image to usb on Zorin problems

On Linux Mint you simply right click on the iso image and select "flash to usb". Done that a dozen times, never had any problems. Now I was disappointed to see no such option on Zorin.

No probs I thought, I ran the following command:

dd bs=4M if=ubuntu-22.04-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb conv=fdatasync status=progress

That has worked on Debian every time. Now it goes until the end and then just hangs. No way to quit, I have to close the terminal, then no way to nicely eject the usb drive, so have to use brute force. Decided to try if the drive worked anyhow, no it didn't, got some weird errors "invalid magick number - you need to load the kernel first".

Well, had to boot a second computer to Mint and try to flash it from there, hoping I'd have everything working on Zorin but so far it seems I've had simply too many problems with Zorin that I never had with Mint, Ubuntu or Debian.

Still, this OS looks wicked!

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Use MultiSystem that I posted on the old forum:


How to video here:

I used this in preference to unetbootin that would 'spin' and 'whir' for 20-30 minutes before saying "Sorry this iso is not supported". MultiSystem will tell you instantly if it will work or not, just by dragging the iso to the MultiSystem interface.

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Or one simply installs Linux Mint and right clicks on the iso - job done :wink:

I don't like Mint, sorry. I liked it in it's early days and then, well, it just became boring! Each to their own!

I like the idea of Linux Mint Debian Edition 5, installing it now on my test bench, but in the end kind of pointless as I just run Debian 11 on my main machine... Never gonna go away from Deb-based distros! I will give Zorin a second chance, not gonna diss it just cuz the darn iso flashing didn't work.

You ought to give Devuan a try then! I've been pushing the Devs to ditch Ubuntu for Debian - they could even do a Devuan derivative as others have:

Will do. Promise. Now I'm giving LMDE a go.

Took a look at the derivatives, not sure more is better... Any recommendation which one is easiest, plainest and stablest?

I would give Devuan live iso a try - there was one Intel i5 processor that it would not work with:

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It is true that Zorin OS does nto come with a preinstalled USB Etcher. Instead, they recommend one.
I prefer Unetbootin or Ventoy, myself.
@ozfir , I think you might like Ventoy.


A lot of distributions have there own ways as regards this, my main os is Sparkylinux and that has its own app for this, but Mint is excellent and if you are happy with it stick with it, it wont let you down. I still use unetbootin and it has not given me many issues, but where I have had an issue I have gone old school and burnt to CD/r or DVD /r and that is always reliable thank you.

Ventoy is awesome it still surprises me how many distro`s you can have on a ventoy stick.

I came to Zorin from Windows and found Balena Etcher which was a useful usb burning tool for Windows also has a linux version. It worked perfectly when I used it recently.
I couldn't get the one burned with Unetbootin to boot.


I've had issues with Ventoy with some distributions, getting an ex-FAT error! I will stick with my trusty MultiSystem! :wink:

Thanks for the info Swarfendor437, I shall look into MultiSystem :+1:

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