Flatpak apps issue

I noticed some flatpak apps are not showing their text properly. If I hover the cursor on some icons or options, the message text is improper.

See the screenshot. You can notice the message text below the music cover is not decipherable.
Screenshot from 2023-03-31 17-34-31~2

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If it's a recent app install, try re-starting the machine.
Let us know if it continues.

There may be a plethora of things going on, it could be your nouveau (nvidia) drivers, or other drivers in use for your video card. That's my go-to when I see this.

  • What if anything is shown in your messages when this problem occurs?
    #journalctl -f
    this will give you live output from the logs and may provide some insight or error when the problem occurs
  • sharing more information on your specific system would be beneficial as well.
    #hwinfo --gfxcard
    #uname -r

if you know what video card you have or other relevant hardware details they would be beneficial here as well.


I'm using AMD® Ryzen 3 2200g with radeon vega graphics.
Kernel 5.15.0-69-generic. All apps and packs are up to date.

Gnome Music app (flatpak) has this issue, but when I switch Flathub to Zorin for the source, all is normal. I also noticed some flatpak apps have this glitching issue.

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That's great information, thank-you.

I would suggest getting the debug output from the flatpak app using guidance from here

or, switch to the one that is working. It sounds to me as though the flatpak for this package wasn't well written or alternately is making an invalid reference.

from this source it suggested providing some video card feedback that would be helpful:
inxi -z -CG

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Glad to see you fixed the issue, & as you know now if there is a Zorin option best to use it.

Yes occasionally the flat/snap pk's more frequent with snap, (snap, on first startup will do some configuring making it slow to boot-up) after this they should start as normal.
Occasionally a system reboot can fix this issue.

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Thank you.
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Apps which are Zorin source are more compatible. But your apps versions are older. If possible, upgrade those.

Thank you.

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