Flatpak future on ZorinOS?

Exactly! There's a difference between flavor and using ubuntu as a base.


The developers Zorin going mostly for best choice for them. It gived im more stable operating system because they know more that Zorin distribution. Some distributions will going on snap and flatpak.
I know Zorin using both. Maybe the best solution Zorin put two sides to gived a choice a user. We never know what we catch in next distribution. What "linux a car" you can choose to most comfortable?

I prefer stability and security over amount of software. Flatpak software are not tested as Ubuntu or Debian packages and someone can sneak a "bad" codes. Deepin ( Debian base) comes from China and if the code would be not scrutinize, we could have a problem.

My apologies for the late response about this. I can confirm that Zorin OS will continue to have Flatpak pre-installed for the foreseeable future.

This announcement only affects official Ubuntu flavours and seems to be a policy change by Canonical (not GNOME) rather than a hard technical limitation. It appears that they will simply not include Flatpak out of the box, but it should still be possible to install it by yourself on these distros.

Because Zorin OS isn't an official Ubuntu flavour, we can independently make decisions on the future of the project, driven by our own vision and the feedback from our users.


Thank you so much for answering my query. Glad to hear this. :slight_smile:

This statement will relieve many users. :relieved:

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