Flatpak, SNAP and others

I have question if this all things are installed wine, lutris and more emulators it gived for linux some unstable working - i don't have them installed.I mean with my pc when i listening a spotify and playing a game sometimes is 1 second pause. That means problem with slow connection what is impossible or not or some application working unstable. Where I can find this problem? The protondb a game is gold sign on protondb it is warframe. So fresh installation. Ram swap i gived more. Hard disk is HDD. I mean when a game loading a mission then this happening.

I edited the title for clarification.
You might find this Tutorial helpful.

Yes. I trying now not to much experimental on linux just how it works.

![Zrzut ekranu z 2021-11-27 11-37-32|690x388]

I don't have that big hard disk maybe count all?
Some screenshots from fresh installation.

In this post I mean linux could be a stable if he don't eating to much ram.
Maybe because that a weekend or problem with reading from hard disk. (not ssd).

I think you will be much happier with Zorin Lite.

Yes. Waiting like a children on icecream. It will be possible changed that Zorin 16 Pro downgrade to Lite or need fresh installation?

I have no idea.
But even if I need to do a clean install, I will take it when it is out.

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I will do a clean install. You can probably run sudo apt remove zorin-os-default-settings && sudo apt install zorin-os-lite-core zorin-os-lite-desktop on Zorin OS Core, though.

I will also create a fresh installation. I am not playing many games. Then core i leave on old pc. On another when will be xfce exchange pro for lite. It will be my daily driver like pro now.

As you know, all my SSDs are pluggable.
I will create a new installation on another SSD and compare the performance on the same system.

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Ok. Then when you installing that on future. You can gived us some info if working better.

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Did you use the gloriouseggroll runner in lutris ?

I see reports on google that users reporting that one fixed the sound issues

Only Steam. SSD is killer hdd.

@FrenchPress It is a sin when installed another Linux distribution to check diffrents?

If that was the case, I must have been condemned to Hell multiple times :skull:

If you just want to experience the UI of the distro, I highly recommend to install it in the virtual environment. Virtualization make it easy to deal with driver issue.

With virtualization you can try OS's which even does not belong to Linux. The best place to find and download such niche OS's is here:

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