Folders created from scratch in the Home

Hi everyone,

In ZorinOS 16 Pro some folders have been created in English which I don't know where they come from. What is the origin?

What should I do, is this normal or can I remove them? They are empty ...

Thanks Maurizio

They are normal.
I suspect you put your username as “Home” and that may be why they’re duplicated.

What do I do, I delete them ...? Can any problems arise if I do?

Thanks Maurizio

See this nautilus - Why are files duplicated in my home folder and desktop? - Ask Ubuntu
Check which of your folders are actually listed in user-dirs.dirs You should be able to delete any that are not on that list.

How can I find user-dirs.dirs? What is that? The terminal tells me: not found ... there is no file or directory and I can't find it on the computer.


It should be located in ~/.config

If you do not see the hidden folders (those files with a (.) period in front of them, tap the keyboard shortcut ctrl+h.

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I don't see the home folders ... So can I delete them?

Thanks Aravisian! Maurizio

Please scroll down to the bottom of the .config directory.
user-dirs.dirs should look like a Text File in that directory.

You can open it with Gedit.
Or in terminal with VIM or Nano.

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There are ...

So I can't delete them ...


From your screenshot, it looks like the English-Labeled Directories are not present in that file.
According to @carmar 's post above, it should be safe to delete the English-Labeled duplicates.

Thanks, I was confused ... Now I delete them, reboot and then let you know.


All right, I don't notice anything abnormal ... Thanks to both of us, but I couldn't understand and having a lot of duplicate folders in the home was annoying ...


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