Fortinet VPN connected but cannot browse google etc

Hi guys,

I have installed forticlient VPN for doing work to open specified work domain.

When i connected i able to access work domain but cannot browse the google, youtube etc.

My concern is when i connected to vpn it will able open work domain and browse google also. Anyone can help me?

Depending on how its deployed, you might not, it sounds like all traffic is being routed through your employer via the vpn, and they have not made local routing exceptions for youtube / google ect.

While there are ways to configure around this, it can cause more trouble than its worth routing issues, when vpn is off, or if the vpn gets updated ect.

How I have handled this with past employers, is I just create a virtualMachine in VirtualBox or gnomeBoxes, and install the vpn there and work from the VM - and youtube from my main OS.

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