[Forum] Slow to load on Firefox for Android

It's a minor but really annoying issue that I've been facing for the past few days.

When I open Firefox for Android and load the Zorin Forum page (from a cold boot), it gets stuck while loading the page (Stuck on a blank page while the loading bar is present) - I have to reload Firefox and/or the tab to get it to load the page

I think this may be an issue with Discourse.

On Fennec (Firefox fork) it seems to work fine for me, same as with Brave.

But I used Firefox when I first joined the Forum and it seemed to work alright.

Side note: I used Brave for a little bit after that, but I went back to Firefox because I don't want the crypto stuff.

Try to clear the cache? Or maybe it's a new bug introduced due to a recent update.

That's the one I'm using right now.

Also I have the most up to date version.

I use Samsung's browser, since it is a Samsung phone, which allows me to install pages/sites as an app...
Never have a problem loading unless I don't restart my phone weekly.