FPS stutter in games when pressing programmable mouse keys

Hello, I use a Logitech G600 gaming mouse which has programmable keys, and recently switched to Zorin Core 17 as my daily driver. The keymaps for the programmable keys are stored in onboard memory in the mouse itself, and have been pre-configured using the official Logitech Gaming Software on a Windows machine.

The issue I have is that when I press the programmable keys on the mouse, I get a slight (but unfortunately noticeable) FPS stutter in games. This doesn't occur when using the standard mouse buttons (left click, right click, middle click, scroll wheel).

I expect this is a more obscure issue, but if anyone has some ideas on how to solve it, that would be appreciated.

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My explanation might twist the brain but I'll tell it :grin:, usually (by my short experience so far with Linux gaming) games (mostly 3D/FPS/TPS ones) limit their frame rate when they're not in focus. And now the tricky part :grimacing:, for example just by holding Fn and F11/F12 to increase/decrease volume the system shows a small overlay with volume status during the regulations and this overlay is enough to make the game be considered as not focused. So, as consequence, the game decreases its FPS until the overlay is visible. All this is just to tell that this is what I think it's happening to you, when you press your additional mouse buttons (despite you see apparently nothing happening) the system might be trying to start an action for them but fails and this seems anyway removing the focus to the game briefly. Mice and keyboards that have additional buttons might just not work out-of-the-box, because these are “special buttons” that need “special drivers/services/extensions/somethinglikethat” to be interpreted and executed as intended by the system. Since not all games allow disabling this FPS reduction feature or customize it you'd better try Piper from GNOME Software, or any other software that allows you to bind your mouse additional buttons to your liking.