Free computer that runs Zorin, cant add software. password unknown, help please!

I received a computer for free, a blessing to be sure - but I can't make any changes to it, because I don't have a password, I know absolutely nothing about Linux operating system, I have always used Windows. I can't even download software to add to the computer, because it requires a password.
Is there anyway to get into something similar to File Explorer to find out the password? I want to install Windows, and have no idea how to do that either.
Any help greatly appreciated.

if you want to install windows, first download the installation image from here:
Windows 10
Windows 11

Then, download Balena etcher (as it comes as a "AppImage", a packaging format that requires no password to install and use), double click to open it, connect an USB drive to your computer and use Balena etcher to flash the installation image to the USB drive (PLEASE NOTE THAT DOING THIS WILL ERASE EVERYTHING ON THE USB DRIVE, SO BACKUP ANY IMPORTANT DATA YOU MAY HAVE ON IT BEFORE DOING THIS):

Then, shutdown the computer, and turn it on with the USB drive plugged in. Access the boot menu (usually is accessed by constantly pressing the f12 key since as soon as you press the power button), select the name of the USB and follow the instructions on screen to install it. If you don't understand something, feel free to come back here and ask

Edit 1: Accidentally read wrong what was wanted at first; read it as if it was just removing the password but accidentally skipped over when they said they prefer Windows. Edited to change the link to the Zorin download page to the Windows 10 and 11 download pages

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To install Windows, you will need a Windows OS .iso as well as a Product Key.

You do not need the password to the computer if you are going to wipe and install.
Burn the Windows .iso to a USB using Rufus or similar etcher (You will need access to a working computer for this part) and then insert the USB into the computer you want to install to. Select to boot from USB and boot up the Windows installer.

From there, you should be able to follow the on-screen prompts to install Windows OS.

oops, accidentally skipped this part

If you want windows 10 or 11, the installation image (ISO) is available directly on microsoft's website and you can use the same process i said in my message above, but replacing Zorin's website with windows':

Windows 10:
Windows 11:

Do you have access to another Win machine? I would recommend the Media Creation Tool from MS's page. If you need storage drivers, the tool will grab them from your current machine - all my laptops including my old 2010 Toshiba don't recognize my storage devices (Win installer only) due to missing drivers; pain in the butt.. Can also download and put them on the root of the installer to load when you get to the disk menu. I've tried getting it to work in Linux for no reason (Media Creation Tool) but, met with errors .. And, if the machine was registered by the manufacturer, you might get lucky with an e-key - once you install and connect to the web, it'll pull the right version for Win. and update and complete the features setup. That's the only part I like about WIndows lol..

Thank you so very much! I'd have answered sooner but I have been very ill and today is the first day in a long time I've even felt strong enough to get out of bed and work on these things this afternoon. I also have a Chromebook I want to find out if I can get Windows as a dual boot via a USB. I've got two older laptops that have my life's work on them (I'm a writer and historian) too that I have to try to figure out if they'll even run anymore.
I wanted to say thank you before I may have to l;eave it alone a few more days, but am very grateful for the instructions. I used to know windows machines inside and out, but even those latest ones are somewhat complex.
Thank you so much again.


Nancy, please back up those machines disks to a portable drive if you have not done so already. I don't want to hear of anyone loosing their life's work due to lack of a backup copy.


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