From DB - ditch Windows and just keep current Zorin

is there a way to keep Zorin as now installed and ditch windows safely/easily? Now in a nice Dual Boot system. Like Zorin better than about 20 other - including Ubuntu

That looks to be pretty safe - I would follow it haha I have done this before in the past. I used to just boot Linux, delete Win, extend the partition and sudo update-grub and done - or in most cases now, reinstall grub and done.

Hope that helps!

All my dual-boots are Win before Linux - never had any issues before :person_shrugging:

download g-parted using sudo apt-get install gparted
open g parted and delete the partion where windows is installed (deleting windows partion will delete all ur files saved on windows partion)
and ur done

also make sure u have a live zorin usb, if theres a problem with booting u can always recover the grub.

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