From DB - ditch Windows and just keep current Zorin

is there a way to keep Zorin as now installed and ditch windows safely/easily? Now in a nice Dual Boot system. Like Zorin better than about 20 other - including Ubuntu

That looks to be pretty safe - I would follow it haha I have done this before in the past. I used to just boot Linux, delete Win, extend the partition and sudo update-grub and done - or in most cases now, reinstall grub and done.

Hope that helps!

If windows patition is before the Linux partition, it is not that simple.

Moving a partition from the middle of the drive to the beginning means changing the start position of the partition. It seems trivial since the amount of mouse clicks are roughly the same, but do not approach this lightly.

You'll want to perform this in gparted from the usb (it can't be mounted when you move partitions).

Backup before you begin. This is important because you aren't just adding to the end of the partition, you are moving existing data.

Remove the windows partition and leave it as free space.

Click on the Zorin partition, hold and slide to the left.

Apply this change and reboot. Boot back into the usb and open gparted.

Extend the end (the right side) of the partition as far as you want. Again, apply and reboot, this time to your hard drive.

If everything went well, Zorin will boot fine.

If not, you will have to reinstall because there is no restoring after this operation.

All my dual-boots are Win before Linux - never had any issues before :person_shrugging:

download g-parted using sudo apt-get install gparted
open g parted and delete the partion where windows is installed (deleting windows partion will delete all ur files saved on windows partion)
and ur done

also make sure u have a live zorin usb, if theres a problem with booting u can always recover the grub.

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