From vlc no sound is coming

I am using zorin 16 core. I just install vlc but no sound is coming no matter which ever video I play, whenever I play any video sound is coming for few second and then it stop coming. Sound is coming when i play those video in pre-installed video player. I have already reinstall it several but nothing happen

Your profile indicates several versions and flavours of ZorinOS. Which version and flavour is this problem related to?

So it is VLC player that is not giving sound.
Can I ask how you installed VLC Player. I hope your answer is not Snap from the Software Store.

Have you tried VLC Player, even it is an older version, from apt.

Two things I can think of. When you are playing a video in VLC, it is possible the volume is turned down in Pulse Audio. Make sure you have Pulse Audio installed, and under the playback tab, make sure the volume is set to MAX.

Another thing is, you might be having plugin or codec issues in regards to VLC. Install Synaptic Package Manager, launch it, enter your password. In the Search box, type VLC Right click on everything that you see in there and mark for installation.

Once all files have been marked for installation, then click the APPLY button.

With everything installed, hopefully VLC now acts properly.



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