From Windows 11 to Zorin 16, how did I get here?

Hiiii, long time windows user here looking back at how in the world I ended up here with Zorin 16 as my OS. :face_with_monocle:

Linux has always eluded me. Such terminal, many command as dogge would say. But as a windows 11 beta tester I found out that I love trying out a new OS. Whoa there's a setting for that? I can do this now?? Sadly I think a lot of people here know the fun didn't last long as windows doesn't allow for a lot of customization. And dear lord the data gathering they do on you. Then I learned how to flash a usb with an iso image and I could try out anything I wanted; total game changer :star_struck:. Like a kid in a candy store I read through article after article of what to try next but none of the interfaces appealed to me- until I saw Zorin 16.

Simple yet elegant, light but capable, and plenty of customization and apps to suite my fancy for quite awhile. Great for beginners with room to grow into more advanced linux skills. The Core version got me hooked, and though I'm still working through problems, I'm learning a lot already and took the plunge to make it my primary OS. Mad props to the developers, definitely showed my appreciation with a bump to the Pro version today and getting everything just right again after the clean install. It's been a blast and I'm excited to be part of the community! From what I've perused here on the forums yall are a good group of people and I'm happy to be here.

TLDR: :computer::star_struck: :sweat_smile: :sneezing_face: :nerd_face: :heart:


Awww, you are so sweet! :heart: I am so glad that you love Zorin OS as much as I do. I've been using Zorin for years, I became aware of Zorin OS when they had 6. Jumped ship from Windows 7 when they had OS 9 out. I used that until OS 12 came out. I loved OS 12 so much, I stayed with it, and never upgraded to OS 15.

I switched to POP OS 21.04 for my main gaming machine cause it was brand new, and I needed a modern kernel to interface with the hardware, and its been a great OS. But I never really wanted to leave Zorin permenantly. So, I bought OS 16 PRO, and installed it on my workstation machine.

I really liked reading your story, about how you like to test OS's, and how fun that can be. I too was hopping distro's till I settled on Zorin and POP OS. Yeah, Windows 10 is scarry enough, but Windows 11 is gonna be much worse.

Basically, we need the government to break up the Microsoft Monopoly and shut down their BS, and make them tow the line. But until that happens, nothing is ever going to change with those greedy barftards.

I am glad you love our community too, it makes me very happy to see our Zorin family grow. We support each other, hold each other up, help each other, the way it should be. Cause were a family, a Zorin family, and there is no other place I rather be. :blush:


Hi and welcome here.

My advice, ditch Windows permanently :stuck_out_tongue:

I am using Windows only on my work laptop, but my private is fully Linux. I also like to test different distros. That is the way how to learn things. From burning iso's to usb, booting them, messing with bootloader, grub, partitions.

Enjoy here and try not to brake your system xD


I'm using Zorin 16 as much as possible. I only boot into windows on a needed case by case basis.


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