Further woes with Partitions, formatting and mounting

Sorry to all forum members but I appear to be becoming a real boring knowledge leech here but since cracking problems with my flash drive Partitions, formatting and mounting with your help, I decided to change the partition size and label. I now have the following errors when mounting the drive which look terminal to me. I've tried deleting, formatting renaming but I've run out of steam :confused:

It looks like when you resized the system partition the write operation wasn't successful in moving everything. Did you extend the back, or right side, of the partition or the beginning, or left side?

Extending on the left can be successful, if you have enough memory, but it can fail and cause such issues. Your best bet is to delete all of the partitions, creating unallocated space. Create the partitions you want, in the order you want them, at the sizes you want, then install using the something else method. The [HOW TO] Partition & Install Zorin 16 guide should help you understand and configure your drive for installation. Please be sure to read the section on partitioning thoroughly prior to making any changes. This will reduce the number of writes to the drive (should you make a mistake).


Hi. Not only did I resize the left I resized the right as well. To enable that I deleted some other partitions and I think thats where I came unstuck (big style) They say you learn from your mistakes and on this occation thats true, I would also add 'Dont be over confident and engage your brain before letting rip with partition management as ignorance is defo not bliss :grin:

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