Fuzzy/Static on Microphone Zorin OS 15.3, Please Help!

Just need to say... lOVE this OS!... totally kicks windows in the behind! But.. there are some bugs like this issue with the sound here.

I am not a developer. I do not understand code, or terminal things. Usually I just enter codes into the terminal and hope and pray they work and do not fry my computer.

I modified some kind of script to fix the fuzzy static. It did not work. I don't think it did anything.

I have all of the possible gstreamer plugins plugged in.
I am trying to use OBS studio to record youtube tutorials and the microphone recordings sound like we're in an airplane! woosh!

I would appreciate your helps. Thank you!

If you scroll to the Last answer provided "In 2020," and try the steps outlined there; it may be a good starting point.

Please be sure to also check that your Mic Volume is not set to higher than 40% in the pavucontrol settings:

sudo apt install pavucontrol


If no luck there, please update this thread. Pulseaudio and its modules are... interesting... with sound and mic issues. It may take a lot of troubleshooting.

EDIT: This thread makes a point about how OBS does not use any noise suppression:

I also stumbled on this Video guide with a proposed fix...;