[Game] Mightnight Suns

This game have me all hyped up. It's the Marvel universe mixed with card game/turn based. Now there's 50% discount on Steam for this game and it works 100% with Proton engine, though the game itself require that you have a power horse of a PC.

Take a look:


Looks very interesting ...... tell us how you like it ..... requires way to much brain power for me to play ..... :grinning:

How I like it? Everything! From plotline to combat. From music to graphic. It's very well put together and you can assembly your own team of super heroes.

Even you can play it as it's turnbased combat, so you can even make coffee and feed the cat while in combat.

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That is great because my cats wont wait lol

I have been playing Oxygen Not Included and Spellforce: Conquest of Eo lately myself lol

Got those games as well :slight_smile:

I made a clean install yesterday so I have only these 5 games installed:

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