Game screenshot

Hi. Does anyone know which game the screenshot on the right is from here?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s Slime Rancher, available as a native Linux game from Steam:


I suspect that would have made a decent VR-game as well :slight_smile: #zorinosvr

Thanks. Do you need game publisher’s consent for using game screenshots for promoting Zorin?

I was thinking that there are actually many very good games with native Linux clients but because they are proprietary, Linux distros do not use media from them to promote their OSes even though.

One such game is War Thunder whose Linux clients works on my Zorin 15 setup even without a graphics card!

I think you should promote more games and software like these with your distro, like War Thunder, Photopea or Qoppa PDF Studio, etc so Linux users especially new adopters or people thinking of switching know that they have great Linux games and top software available to them.

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I am not much of a gamer, myself. I rarely have the time. But I am a firm believer that Linux in general could benefit greatly by appealing more heavily to the Game Market.

I mostly use my lowest-end machine, these days:
I couldn’t run most things on its native Windows. But on Core, it has been running C&C Generals smoothly. It even ran Mass Effect 1 (but it was so slow I had to kill it). Pretty amazing what good resource management can get you.

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Intellectual Property is a HUGE grey area. It all depends on HOW it is used. In the case of using screenshots from games to prove the functionality of Linux gaming you wouldn’t actually be hurting the game producer (financially or otherwise, rather it may be beneficial to them) so generally I’d say it is OK if done privately or even by a company (that does not benefit substantially from doing so). But doing it officially on the Zorin OS website is another matter. If any of the IP owners feel it is damaging they will react. The best thing would be to go to Valve perhaps and be allowed to showcase Steam and piggyback on the existing contracts between Valve and the game creators. Or, as you mentioned, pick a few companies, like Gaijin Entertainment, and get their OK in advance. They might be thrilled to see an additional market opening up :slight_smile: In essence - for a company: check first. Non-profit or privately: go ahead but tread lightly.

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And, I should make a disclaimer, I am not offering legal advice here :slight_smile:
Just pointing out the massive issue with IP and suggesting careful use and contact with IP owners. Look at this for instance:
As stated, huuuuge grey area. Again, be careful.