[Game] Slay the Spire

My first impression of this game; oh it's just another card game. But since then I'd get addicted to it. It's not over complicated nor so simple to get bored. It seems Slay the Spire found the holy grail to balancing it.
It's turn-based game, so you can relax and drink a cup of coffee while playing.

The game itself; you're a hero who needs to well slay everything you meet to advance to the top of the spire.

Oh... and it runs on Linux natively :slight_smile:

My first try video:

Get it at:

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Oh, it's on GOG as well, but bit expensive there.

I've heard of that. I remember some playing this on YouTube a few years ago (I think when this was early access).

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I usually grab games when they offer a good discount on them and there's so many games that I have recently heard of it.

Since I've been following you game threads I have learned a lot ..... this is the first time I have seen card games ..... they look very interesting and like you said you can play at your own pace ..... which for me would be sloooooow ..... there is another world beside 1st and 3rd person games ..... thanks


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