Games lag on Zorin OS

OK I have tried that, but even with almost everything closed my game still lags :frowning:

OK wait, your in games now? Steam games? Alright, if so, the problem you might be having is the same as this other persons. Please follow the detailed instructions that I have already provided for the other user...

Often times when a game is able to launch without PROTON, it can lag. Selecting a PROTON version is the only resolution often times to smooth out the game, and stop it from lagging.

Also, do you have the Nvidia Prime indicator extension installed from Gnome-Extensions website? That extension will install to the right of your taskbar, it will allow you to select just your Nvidia GPU, which will require a restart after selecting it.

This basically tells your system to PREFER Nvidia GPU. You want your power options set to high performance.

This error pops up when I try downloading that extension(I have downloaded GNOME and chrome-gnome-shell already), BTW I am using Zorin OS 15.3 Lite. I have tried using PROTON as well and forced the game to run the specific one that worked.

Oh wait, your using LITE? OK, Gnome extensions are only for Gnome desktop, they won't work on LITE. LITE is XFCE. I don't have enough XFCE experience to help you, Aravisian will have to help you. Sorry, I tried.

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That's fine, one question. When LITE version 16 comes out, how would I update and will updating remove my files?

Until the Zorin brother's have released a direct upgrade functionality, the only way, would be to erase disk and install fresh. For the record, they are working on the direct upgrade deal as well, but it hasn't been released yet.


We need more info like this, what game are we talking about ? What gpu/cpu and ram do you have ? do you play on hdd or ssd ?

I made a thread about how to setup games -> [How-To] How to get Windows Games working in Linux

And here is a video of me playing Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order without any lags.

The game name is Brawlhalla
CPU: Intel i5-3470 (4) @ 3.600GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 210
I use SSD
8GB Ram
Now keep in mind that when I was on windows 10, it wouldn't lag as the one in linux

Did you install the nvidia driver 340.108 ?

Brawlhalla is a browser game ? maybe you need plugins to get this game running smoother ? java ? or something ?


Yes I do have the latest driver. Alright ill look into it, and notify if I found something.

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