For this week's problem we turn to gaming. I have read so many posts about it in the forum that now I'm a little befuddled.
I installed Steam using the Software Center and it's stuck in Captcha error loop when I try to sign in or make a new account. I cleared Firefox' cache, tried a different browser, turned off VPN, restarted computer, rebooted the router but all to no avail.
So I uninstalled it and installed it using the terminal. The same issue abounds.
Now should I just abandon Steam option altogether and use something else? I've run out of ideas to fix the Captcha issue. This is not a Zorin problem, right?
My goal is to be able to install a game from a website and be able to play it. I thought using Steam would be the easy route.

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What packaging did you install it with? Flatpak or Zorin OS Apt source?

You can check by navigating to that page in the Software store and looking at the Sources button at the top right or scrolling to the bottom of the page.

It may be due to some outdated i386 libs. Steam still depends on old structure for whatever reason. The Gods knows why they don't make it 64-bit.

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I also had trouble with Steam's Captcha, and I have lost interest in playing the game. :expressionless:

A lot of web searches bring up Windows solutions but some suggestions would still be valid if DNS Cache is the issue:

The general advice here:

Well I just went to the software store and checked for installed apps and it showed steam but I had removed it and reinstalled it using Synaptic.
I went to Synaptic and it has a steam-installer and steam-devices. In the description of the steam-installer it says: This package enables Steam to be easily installed via an appstream client on non-i386 systems as long as the i386 foreign architecture is configured. This is the default on Ubuntu.......This package is not needed if you only want to install Steam directly with
apt or with a non-appstream client like Synaptic.
I got it installed by typing a line in terminal to install it. I think it was a flatpak. I remember reading that somewhere in the lines generated by the install on the terminal.
Is there some other recommendation for playing games? I frankly need instructions to use Wine as a way to install a game into it to play.

I am the least knowledgeable person on Gaming on Linux. In fact, I recently opened a help thread on the topic for my own troubles.
Up until recently, the Native (APT) version of Steam has been very reliable and easy to use for games on Linux without installing POL, WINE, Bottles, Lutris, etc.

I think I have resolved most of my troubles that I started a thread on - and it may be the last issue is due to forces outside of Zorin or Steam.

What search words do I need to get to what your thread says?

Maybe someone else will help out further at least in suggesting what they are playing games on or with.

Calling on any Zorin OS pro 16 support team for suggestions. Thanks!

For anyone who might offer help; I use Firefox and I only have Zorin on my computer.

Thanks for that!
I read through the whole thread and have come to the conclusion I'm not going to bother with Steam. Too much of a hassle for someone who knows next to nothing about how to make things work on Zorin.

Searching for help on this topic I got the document "Play Games-Zorin Help" that gives instruction on playing games by different means; Steam, Lutris etc.

I'll try Lutris because it looks like they have instructions on how to make it work which I need.

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I replaced key replaceable files - but deleting the entire folder may cause issues.

There is no marked solution at this time because I am not yet certain as to the cause or if it is solved. I prefer to wait a bit on it.

While that thread makes Steam look like a headache - it is important to note I have used Steam without any issues at all for years. It has always reliably worked and has been very easy - So easy, even, that when something now went wrong, I was immediately at a total loss.

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None. The only action I can think of is that I once noticed Steam wouldn't end after I exited it. I opened Task manager and killed all .exe processes. That might have caused a corruption. But... there is a hitch. I did this after I had noticed Astroneer will not launch.
But then - maybe my memory is tricking me.

I got Astroneer to launch on the other Zorin OS build I am testing... so maybe there is a solution waiting to be found.

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