German translations

So I've noticed that the German translations are all in formal language. Wouldn't it be better to use informal so It is more personal?

Makes me feel more at home. But I don't want to contribute if the general doesn't like that idea.

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I do not know what the feeling among young German people (which I believe you belong to), but here in France, most people get quite upset if someone we do not know (including a user manual) addresses in tutoyer (French equivalent of duzen).

As someone who have been involved in technical translation, I think the consensus among professionals are to error to the polite side rather than too familial.

Okay, got it. Thank you!

I know it is a completely off-topic, but I could not resist my curiosity :wink:

French Amazon (and other online shops) addresses me Madame XXX (family name), and never call me by my first (given) name. They use vouvoyer (French equivalent of siezen).

What is the situation with German Amazon (and other online shops)?
Do they address you with your first name or Herr XXX (family name)? Do they use duzen or siezen?

And use duzen or siezen?

I got my first post wrong. On packages, they write the full name and in E-Mails ist is Sometimes only the last name...

We siezen usually.

Thanks for confirming!

You're welcome!