Getting hung up on Installing

Thanks to AlBucko's patient assistance, I managed to load the files for install on a USB stick. I debated with myself whether to dual boot load on my new Lenovo laptop in the 'normal' OR non-traditional (aka Matthew Moore) way. I then thought of duel booting my old ThinkPad keeping the Linux Mint OS and overriding the ailing Windows 7. When my old ThinkPad's Window 7 magically healed itself, (heat from fan) I returned to dual installing (Windows 11/ Zorin 16) on the new Lenovo.

Needless to say, Windows 11 is not easy to work with. Its more 'modern' to the point of being near impossible to understand or use. I used Disk Manager to shrink the original Windows 11 partition but then got stuck with unallocated + Linux Swap and not being able to get the Install to dump into/name the unallocated partition with Zorin's OS.

To make matter worse, the checksum routine indicates a 1 file error. Now I'm hesitant to do 'more' and wondering if Zorin will ever work for me and my laptop.

Are you using the "Install alongside" or the "Something Else" Installation options?
Honestly... if it was me, I would go Full Zorin OS install and if you need Windows later, you can load it in a Virtual machine.

So I can understand you correctly Aravisian, are you suggesting wiping Windows 11 then just installing Zorin 16 as THE OS on the Lenovo laptop?

I've never used or even seen the Virtual machine option. Does it allow me to choose which Windows (7 or stuck with 11?) or must I have a license to a Windows to get that working with Virtual machine?

Another stumbling point that I am having with installing seems to be that I am not sure about what task (like HD set up and how) needs to be done when on what machine/OS etc. Again, I have watched several tutorial videos here only to find those do not 'match' the screens that come up as I install.

It is merely a suggestion that is dependent on your wants and needs.
When I transitioned from Windows to Linux (Through Zorin OS), I initially tried to cling to Windows through use of WINE, etc. What happened, though, was I realized I did not need Windows... for pretty much anything. Certain favorite apps have good and even better alternatives on Linux.
Or are on Linux, like Gimp and Pinta.
For Office Suites, LibreOffice or OpenOffice suit most users, though on this one... They leave something to be desired. MS Office really does cover more bases and some heavy Office Users do better on keeping MS Office. That is something only you would know.

This is something that if you went with this option, you would need to choose and install a Virtual Machine Manager like VMWare, VirtualBox or Gnome Boxes. Gnome Boxes is, by far, the easiest to use and run. And is actually pretty reliable. It is also Free Cost.
You would need your Windows License - you can extract it from your existing Windows install. I prefer Win7 over Windorf11 (Windows Marketing Edition) any day...
Then load your downlaoded Windows .iso file, use that license key.
It's a better option than using a compatibility layer like Wine, in my opinion.
Some people must retain Windows OS for Work Specific Software- this only you would know.

This sound a great deal like you do not trust yourself and are lacking confidence.
When that happens, it leads to fear of mistakes... second guessing yourself... But let's face the obvious for a moment. You have confronted and overcome far, far more complicated and more risky things by now. And what have you to lose on a machine that you are Installing an OS on?
You might lose Windows 11? Oh no, Br'er bear, don't throw me in the brier patch.
You may fear losing Personal Data and Files - so as always, make thorough backups, first.

Then, grab ahold of confidence and dash in swinging. Worst case scenario is that you may have to repeat an install. You are not likely to break the hard drive or anything so...
At the Prompts on the installation window, choose "Install alongside" if you are wanting to keep another operating system and let the Ubiquity installer run.
If you are comfortable with replacing all of that and using One OS, choose to Wipe and install Zorin OS, instead, ensuring your backups are safely made of personal data.
And be confident - the unfamiliar showings of Gparted can confuse anyone; but this is something you can easily handle. You do not need a swap partition and if you decide you do need one later, it is easier to create one after installing the OS.

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I suppose my being a 'thrifty' type person is what whispers to me "Keep Windows 11 - just in case." But actually I have absolutely NO USE for it so why keep it at all? Besides I have 2 - all be those 'flaky' in odd ways - Windows 7 older laptops so any Windows uses are well covered.

I have and do use Libre Writer and agree with you that I am not as happy with it as I am with MS's WordPad. The saving grace is that I do have access to WordPad when I prefer to use it.

Question - is the 1 file error showing up when I try to (dual) install going to be a problem if I instead go for the full on Zorin OS (wiping Windows OUT) install? If that pops up during such an install attempt, I guess its back to the download and recreate the .ios files on the (re formatted) USB stick.

I have plowed ahead with 'unknown' things in my life, managing to create and live quite independently at that. A going joke with my husband and me is that I am a 'tester' - problems tend to find me and I tend to tackle them head on until correct outcome results. (In my distant past I was used by programmers to test new programs. Imagine booting a DEC mainframe using toggle switches and paper tape! Been there, done that.)

BIG THANKS for giving me the old pep talk and helping me to just GO FOR IT with Zorin.

Have you tried out Abiword, yet?
There are several others, too...

This depends on the cause. Have you checked your CMOS battery?

I have to do this to myself with every installation. I always hesitate, even after all this time. I think it's just normal human brain activity.

I actually do look forward to trying new and different 'apps' (like Abiword) when I get Zorin going. I already did a little Exploring with the Software option. And threads here like the one on browsers was most helpful with feedback from several members about what they likes and found lacking with different 'apps'. I am especially looking forward to less 'googled' apps for email and browsing.

CMOS battery? The laptop is brand new and I have the charger (always) plugged in. I'll start managing the internal battery when I can find a battery manager app. (I like to 'exercise' a battery nearly fully discharging[15%] before recharging fully.

I ask because a 1 file error during install boot often stems from insufficient power supply. That is not the only cause though...
Without knowing more about what is going on, it is harder to try to narrow it down...

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I 'swung' into action and am currently installing (solo) Zorin 16 on the (new) Lenovo laptop. So far, so good .... :person_raising_hand: high 5 to you!!

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