Getting miniatures instead of plain icons

Hi folks !

Been using Zorin OS for some months now, but I still can't figure how to get miniatures (or previews if you prefer) instead of plain icons for pictures and videos.

I'm sure it's somewhere in the settings, but I can put my finger on it, although I've tried many times.

Thank you all.

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In Nautilus File Manager (called Files in the app menu), click the hamburger icon.
Select Preferences from the drop down menu.
In the Preferences Window, click the Search & Preview tab.
What you are looking for is Thumbnails.
Set your preferences - whether to always show, or just on your computer only... and set the Size limit. Let's say you want Thumbnail previews to show even on Large Files (Takes more memory), increase the size in the drop down menu uner "Only for files smaller than".


Thanks a lot. Had to dabble a bit, as my system is in French, vocabulary is of course slightly different. Works fine, but only if you choose a view by icons, not as a list. Am I right, or did I fail to understand something once more ?

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This makes sense because in List View, there would be neither icons nor thumbnails.

Some distros allows it this way though. Nevermind, it's only a slight cosmetic difference. My problem is solved.

Distros or Desktop Environments?

Good question indeed, but hard to answer, for me at least, I use 3 different distros : Mint, Zorin, Lite, with different desktop environments.

Mint comes with Cinnamon D.E. or XFCE.
Zorin Core comes with Gnome
Zorin Lite comes with XFCE.

I run Cinnamon on Zorin OS and it runs very smoothly and well. If you want, you can do that and even use the Zenith themes to match the Zorin Theme.

Thank you for the tip off.

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