Getting my head wrapped around how to use Zorin

Thanks Luca, I will check out Text Editor to see if its a good alternative to WordPad.

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Many thanks swarfendor437. So good to know that there are alternativeS! MS isn't the end all be all for sure.

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Zowie Mr. Magoo! You are soooo far ahead of me! If I could download YOU onto my computer I'm sure you would have it sorted out ASAP. But since the reality is that I need to do this myself - so I understand and am comfortable with what I have. I think I am over complicating this entire procedure. I need to go back to ONE STEP at a time. (a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single footstep)
Thanks for the insights that inspire.

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Excellent insight - "the Gnome DE as it's very similar to windows desktop" AlBucko! That helps me to keep a focus where I need it to be (more Windows than Mac).

"dont hesitate to ask questions, even if you think their silly," I learned many years ago that the only 'silly' question was one that the asker already knew the answer! I've been bold ever since - can't learn if one limits the input :wink:.

There is something sooo tempting about having my 'computer' (OS/files) on a USB stick! Being independent from Corpse-ate manufactures and their dictates grabs me. Having that as isolated from the $ucking net trolls sounds fabulous too. Now to achieve that . . .


337harvey you are so inspiring :kissing_smiling_eyes:. I am starting to see that I need to 1) begin very slow and basic, 2) really understand this OS a bit better and 3) tackle elements - like USB issues - individually and without over taxing this forum too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Chatting with all of you dear fellows encourages and humbles me. Thanks to you.

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Actually KDE is nearer to Windows than Gnome. Zorin have themed Gnome to look like Windows. In KDE I can change the default for a Tiled Menu like Windows 10. Feren OS has a panel with centralised shortcuts similar to Windows 11 by default.

I've only been using Linux for 8 months and have no intention of becoming an expert. In fact, my goal is to use it in the simplest way possible while looking nice.