Giving Likes

Just had this happen .... went to give 3 post a like and was refused the last one received this messaged try again in 52 mins .....

Have never had this happen on this board but a couple of others I belong to are using the same software would do this if you made to many likes in a row or you weren't a certain member level ......

I just had a pretty big update from Zorin so could be that caused it .....


My guess is you tried to give the likes in a row too quickly, and triggered a trap rate limit, probably handled automatically.


Could be a little more complicated than that as I'm experiencing a problem when I click on a tick box or other means of opening or selecting something using my mouse .....

You are right as I clicked on the heart 3-4 times before it registered on about 4 posts then finally it told me to wait .....

It is definitely the mouse ..... maybe my battery is going bad as the problem seems intermittent .... to much gaming with it ..... :+1: :laughing:

Thanks zen using my corded mouse now and it appears to be no problems ..... :nerd_face: :nerd_face:


Your likes is the energy source of this community. :heart:


It fixed by changing to a wired mouse? :thinking: Any chance it was registering multiple clicks at once then?


No I don't think so as when it didn't register the like I clicked it fast several times in a row for each post until I guess the last post wouldn't register after about 6-8 clicks rapidly I got that message .... I later found out when using the net it did the same thing ....

Anyway I bought that mouse back in 2019 so it served it's purpose .... I have 2 more just like it that I bought in 2022 as this wireless Raigor ll WG10 5 button gaming mouse works just fine on Zorin .....

I bought the 2 in 2022 when I had a problem with the one from 2019 but later found out that it was a different problem with the right click menu not showing up ..... I'm sure you folks remember that ordeal as poor Aravisian pulled out his hair trying to help me solve that one .....

When we finally solved that problem I went back to using the old 2019 and put the other two away .... now using one of the 2022 ones with a new one still in the box ......

For simple games like Fishing Planet and a few others I use a corded Vortex simple 3 button el cheapo mouse ...... Fishing Plant uses a ton of rapid fire left and right mouse button commands ..... better to use the corded mouse for that as I never need a back button or any other extra buttons .....

And that my friends is the saga of Frogs Raigor ll wireless gaming mice ..... sorry to bore you folks to death but I just wanted to explain ..... :+1: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I have 3 of my favorite mouse in case one breaks. Grabbed the other 2 on steep sale. Absolutely love it

I also have a Razer Wireless mouse that I like but not as much


That's actually pretty smart... :bulb:

I don't play a lot of games so I have pretty standard peripherals, but I should do that as well when I find a good set of headphones.


If you do any kind of production work I would say a high quality mouse is worth it. Especially if you catch them on sale. I got the 2 extras of that mouse for like 20$ each.

I really am not a fan of change and they have probably already stopped making that mouse so I just wanted to ensure I would be set for at least 10 years lol


Try clearing your cookies & cache, temp file's etc ( maybe even do some vacuuming :open_mouth: .. just jokin )
Remember you need to be looking "South" when liking a post. :rofl:

What's the situation atm?


:+1: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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