Giving Up On Zorin

Excellent Idea ..... dual boot ..... if you have enough drive space .... I guess it mainly depends on your computer specs ....

As far as being to old ..... I'm 77 and started using Zorin a year ago and came form a person that used Windows from it's beginning years ago ..... do I get discouraged ..... absolutely ..... but then I have little fat fingers that like to tinker and try new stuff sometimes not for the betterment o my sanity .....

I too have seriously thought about going back to Windows but then after a year I would have to learn how to use most of the features all over again plus all the programs I had downloaded .... I do dual boot with Win 10 Pro but a stripped down version with a lot of Windows features deleted and absolutely no Win updates ....

So why do I keep Windows .... as a backup for when I foul up Zorin and need to get help from this board .... plus play some games from days gone by like from the 80's & 90's .....

But only you can make the final decision it is entirely up to you but just give Zorin a chance ..... ask questions on this board there are a lot of good folks that will help you .... I mean you have until April to get your taxes done and that is almost 6 months away ..... and in that time you will have a good understanding of Zorin and found the programs you need to make your life easier ....

Remember above all ask help from the board members ...


There are many people on this forum who have switched from Windows to Zorin OS as I did. That proves that Zorin OS is a good alternative to Windows. If Windows is the best OS for you, then continuing to use it is the right choice. However, if you are attracted to Zorin OS, please specify your problems and we can help you. Because that is the path we have taken in the past.

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I'm a 65 year old, non native speaker of English.
I said goodbye (for ever) to windows in 2008,
and NEVER looked back.
I've tried many GNU/Linux distributions.
Of course, at first, I also needed help from more tech-savie friends.
Zorin OS is definitely excellent if you want to free yourself.
Don't give up.
Of course, it's difficult in the beginning.
Every newbie gets frustrated, because a few things are certainly DIFFERENT from a windows system.
But if you are a little patient,
you'll soon learn .
And don't forget this forum is always here to solve problems.
Maybe see it as a new experience?


If you are still reading this thread...just know that I and others feel your frustration. I am 66 years old and recently stepped back into Linux. I played with it years ago in its infancy and saw that Linux was simply not ready for my kind of "prime time". My Win 7 was long in the tooth, as I am, and I refused to go to Win 10 or Win 11, that left me with Linux. Zorin met my requirements for an easy intro back into Linux. I however, decided to take measured steps and not have any immediate expectations or ambitions of finding exact Windows program replacements.

I built a Zorin Linux box instead of a dual boot as I do not care for dual boot computers...they always were problematic for me. Anyway, my stand alone Zorin box has enabled me to do several re-installs as I muddled my way back into familiarity with Linux. Those intentional muddlings enabled me, after a month or so to be comfortable with Zorin and Linux.

I have, from the start read many threads here just to have a "mental" familiarity with Zorin, the Zorin board, and the members here. That was probably the smartest move I made. I have broken and fixed on my own, as well as with the help of others here a number of things. I have my backups, have moved my browser and other daily life items to Zorin. I still need to get WINE installed simply because of two Windows native Solitaire games. Past that I am good to go, but my needs are simple as for daily use.

I however, will not be able to rid myself of Windows as I need Windows to do firmware updates for some electronic equipment that have no Linux tools, and a few other reasons. Still, soon, about 98 percent of my life will be Zorin driven.

I would encourage you to take a break and park your frustrations. Take a look at what you really need Windows for and leave Windows for those uses. Continue to use Zorin for other daily uses.

Best of luck to you, stay positive and keep active physically and mentally.


Familiarity is the key.. I'm new to Zorin as well but used Linux back in the aughties (is that what they're calling the first decade of this millennium?). Windows 7 worked so well for me I basically never used Linux but the time finally came for a new computer and I refused to get the new windows spyware. I'm giving Zorin a few more days but I'm getting very frustrated trying to figure out how to adjust settings and make the computer work the way I want. Mint worked well for me years ago and I may go back. If you do get to the breaking point I would suggest giving it a try, maybe even just off a bootable iso before you go back to the dark side of microsoft. :wink:

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if i were designer or gamer , i will never use linux.
if i have power pc, i will never use linux.
linux will be better for developers and security and network engineers.
windows is for all users

I keep windows on my main rig, primarily due TO gaming. I'm 55 and play a very, very heavily modded Skyrim. Most other games on Steam play just fine using Proton (specifically, Glorious Eggroll's adaptation), but other than installing my mods manually, I've not had much success with modding any game in linux. Mind you, I've not tried extremely hard. It is difficult, but I suspect worthwhile in the end. I'm so sick of M$! My main machine is very well specced, so I'm probably silly as heck keeping it on Windows. My laptop is running Zorin (that's what I'm typing this on right now. If I may, I'd like to put a different emphasis on what others have said about moving away from Linux back to Windows; nothing worthwhile is ever easy. :slight_smile: Keep trying - that is what these forums are for! The OP (Original Poster) mentioned Quickbooks. I'm going to try using Homebank, which is automatically installed with the Pro version. I really should get better at my budget tracking anyhoo :slight_smile:


My mother is 70 years young and used Windows all her life including doing the taxes on it.
I installed her Linux (in this case Linux Mint but just because it is a bit lighter than Zorin) and the first few weeks I explained her some
things and she asked me once or twice how to do something or what Program to use.
Never had a question from her ever since. And she loves it cause her computer is so damn fast compared to Windows plus she does not need to do updates during boot or reboot.
She is even doing the taxes on it.

I would say the benefits of privacy, security, complete control, and freedom outweigh the (short) time to adapt and learn some new things.


Started using linux via "Mint" about a year ago. Watched quite a few Youtube video's on it and moved to Zorin just 3 months ago. While there are many features in Windows I miss, the move has been for the better. My only beef? They need to develop a users manual that serves new users as well as those more experienced. There is simply no excuse for not having one. Zorin needs to get up to speed on this NOW.

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There is this manual from Swarfendor437





Thanks Lou .... that is great I never knew that document existed in all the time I have been on Zorin over a year .... I downloaded the PDF version to read later ..... :+1: :beers:

I think I need to read it after what I've been through the last 2 days .... but not going to hi-jack this thread .... OK back to work .... :face_holding_back_tears:

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Lou - appreciate that, I searched all over the net but the two I found were discontinued / removed. Hopefully the author will do a few updates to bring it up-to-speed with the current OS.

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i use both ,,, need to at work made zorin into cinnamon desktop seems to be stable ,,, linux is not any harder than windows just use search you will find answers to most problems dont give up


I know this is an old thread but I wanted to say thanks. I'm new to Zorin and am considering it for my parents/family, this kind of guide is exactly what I was looking for.

I'd humbly ask the team to adopt something like this officially.


That really not true. Linux is for those people who want freedom, security, and privacy. Linux is only lacking in gaming but the steam proton project is doing well and bringing more games to Linux. I power PC is mostly used by gamers and video or photo editors, and most of the software for those works is available for windows so yeah surely they will use windows. But software like DaVinci Resolver has support for Linux and Shotcut is a really powerful editor although it is not for a huge production project. If you want control over everything then Linux is for you and using Linux is easy as hell. If someone can use Android, he/she should be able to use Linux as well.


u can work for a company as graphic designer with gimp and inkscape? i think no, so linux will not better for u.
U can work for a company as employee with libreoffice instead of ms-office? i think no , so linux will not better for u
U can work for a company as .net developer that use visual studio community or Enterprise, i think no, so linux will not bettr for u
U can use the new apps which it first focus in windows and mac users? i think no , so linux will not better for u, there r free apps that i wish i use it in linux, but not has version for linux like : FreeMoCap , parsic(host) , paltalk,etc

I run not one but two companies and neither have to use MS Office and can use LibreOffice or any of the other ones. Yes, it's very easily done

I have people on all OS's (Windows, Linux and Mac), and we all seem to open up all the files fine, and all have access to the same software. In fact we're not even in the same location, yet everything works just fine.

What new apps in particular? Because so far I don't seem to be missing out on anything.

Actually you can, and I know several people who don't use Windows for their graphics, they are either on Linux or Mac

I may be wrong, but these are Windows software. Why would you work in Linux or Mac for Windows software? I'm sure you can, but why would you?


i don't talk about your options, if u work as freelancer , u r free, use ur options.
in a company u must use the tools and technologies that the team-work use it. and u will not be acceptable for their job, if u don't know the tools and technologies that they use it .
for new apps or the apps that has poor alternative in linux , i provide example for it in my post.
for .net developer, .net now is opensource aims to develop apps for all platforms(win,linux,mac,mobile ,web), and u can develop it from any environment, and visualstudio community or enterprise is allowed for mac also but not for linux.

I am not a freelancer nor is anyone who works in the "office" for me. I am a real company.

Not sure what these "technologies and tools" are that you seem to think companies use that are not available on linux are exactly.

And it is totally acceptable. There are many companies and government agencies who do not use Windows in their offices. You have a very myopic view of what is and isn't used in companies.

I noticed you edited and added apps to the above. I've never even heard of them. So I don't think they're too mainstream

Freemocap isn't even out of development yet, it's an Alpha. LOL

Do you know what an Alpha is?

Googling Paltalk, apparently that does work on Linux.

No idea what Parsic is, but I found a Parsec and that does have a linux option.

I've heard of none of these and I doubt they garner enough users for people to even care. And I would highly doubt any company would be using any of these apps nor do they seem something the mainstream would use either.

If you have an issue with software not working on Linux then I suggest you tell the makers of the software. Your complaints about software is the equivalent of me complaining on Windows because some Mac software doesn't work on Windows and Windows is horrible.

If it's open source now, then they can't stop you from developing it on linux. And you may want to re-read what you wrote because it's a contradiction.

And since it's now open source I'm sure someone somewhere will come along and start doing it. Just because you haven't been notified of them using Linux in this manner doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

You seem to be extremely unhappy using Linux, I'm not sure why you are here then if it is so awful.

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