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Hello, I have a problem I followed the tutorial to install XFCE, then I followed this one A nearly pixel-perfect Windows XP Total Conversion for XFCE | by Johnnie Rios | Mar, 2023 | Medium since I wanted a XP theme, the problem is, now when I boot the pc I don't get a login screen, so I haveto go ttty and execute startx, which makes me boot into XFCE, I can't switch to gnome idk how to do it, now I just wanna go back, remove xfce and keep gnome because I think i broke everything lol

any ideas what's the problem?
I don't know what I can provide for you to check

Gesh, the turturial have modified your system completly from what I can see from the commands. To salvage may be impossible and it could get messy and time consuming. Consider backing up your stuff and make a clean install.

Is lightDM installed?


You can try putting:
# Log-in screen
... at the end of /home/$USER/.bashrc. That might work.

My username is 'owner', so the path would be /home/owner/.bashrc... your path will depend upon your username.

Alright so sorry for late answer, so I followed [HOW TO] Install KDE (plasma), GNOME, XFCE, Cinnamon, MATE, Budgie, LXQt, LXDE and UKUI Dekstop Environments this guide to install gnome lol, and now I think everything is working? Now I need to find the zorin gnome extensions since somehow all of them have dissapear but i think I can fix this with some patience before making a clean install

Also the software center has gone, I think a lot of zorin apps has gone, also a lot of stuff failing, I guess I'll have to reinstall, any method to reinstall easier?

When making partition, split root and /home in two. In the future you can reinstall an Linux OS' and keep your home. Just make sure to re-use the /home and not overwrite it.

Yes I always remember that when installing but then I instantly remember that a lot of distros work different with the home partition and making it separate sometimes doesn't work as expected, but I'll do it in case I need to reinstall zorin again in the future ( I hope not )

Anyways thanks for the help, guess I won't try to install that theme ever again lmao

Solution: reinstall the distro

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If you going to change theme(s), make sure it only tweaks happens in your home directory and not in root. It will make it easier to revert back if you keep it in /home.

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