Gnome desktop saver

one widget i really like in kde is the plasma saver that lets you save multiple snapshots of different desktop customizations you've done and revert to another one whenever you like. just saves all your work and loads right up.

it'd be cool if Zorin offered this feature too though idk how feasible it is. just a thought :v:


I like your idea. That brings the debate of whether to switch Gnome to KDE since Gnome keeps removing functionality. This has been discussed in length in another thread (forgive me for not linking it, I'm just waking up... you can find it by using the search function of the site and typing the keywords KDE ZORIN). While it is up to the devs whether they pursue this endeavor, gnome has stated that they intend to remove extension support. Whether they do or not is unknown, but places distributions in a difficult position because the distribution must consider that fact and decide whether to continue publishing Gnome DE integrations or move to another DE.

We appreciate your feedback and interest in certain DE features. This will give the devs a few more things to consider, whether it's including new features or moving to another DE.

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