Gnome-screenshot issue

Hi guys, I'm new and this is my first topic on the forum.
So, since yesterday I have an issue with gnome-screenshot whose video capture no longer works (image capture works) and this since, I think, after updating "GNOME Application Platform" of which I found 2 versions installed 45, 46.
Is there a way to get “gnome-screenshot” working properly again?
Thanks in advance for all the help.


I don't know what your issue is, but I can recommend "GPU Recorder" as a replacement, meanwhile. It's available as a flatpak in the software center.

I use vokoscreenNG for screen capture, then use KDEnlive to render for my uploads to Vimeo.

Thank you for the response Sir. My issue is that when I launch screenshot to capture a video of my screen, it stops and disappears. It crashes. And I doubt it's because of the update I did the day before for "GNOME Application Platform".
And I'm looking if someone helps me to fix that.

VokoscreenNG don't work for me. KDEnlive and OBS are too heavy for my old desktop who have just 8G ram.
Gnome-screenshot satisfies me. I just only wish to recover it back.
Thanks sir.

Have you tried recordmydesktop?

Did You get any Error Messages?

Because of the Gnome Application Thing: Do You have installed any Flatpaks? If yes, it could came with that.

I don't have it installed but I checked it and it seems that it saves only in .ogg format which requires significant compression. So, it doesn't suit me.
And it is not available on Zorin packages store!

No. It suddenly stops on its own when I press the red record button. It no longer records anything.

No. I just updated "Gnome Application Platform" via Zorin's package store. And I found 2 versions of it installed: 45,46.

That can come with Flatpak Versions. It is like a kind of Runtime Environment for a Flatpak that uses Gnome 45 or 46. To control if You have Flatpak's installed just open the Terminal and type flatpak list and You should find some zorin flatpak's because the Zorin Themes are Flatpak Packages.

But to come to Your Screeshot Problem: Do Your System runs in Wayland or Xorg Mode. You could switch and test if this Issue still happens. To change go to the Login Screen and click on Your Profile so that the Password Field appears. The Password Field must be appeared! Only then You can see in the bottom right Corner a Gear Icon. Click on it and change it. Normally You should have the Option Zorin Desktop and Zorin Desktop on Xorg and there You see the active Option with a Point marked. The first One is the Wayland Mode and the second One the Xorg Mode. So, change from Your active Option (should be the Wayland Mode) to the other, log in and test if the Screenshot Tool works.

This are what I found :slight_smile:

-desktop:~/Bureau$ flatpak list
Name            Application ID        Version  Branch      Origin  Installation
Switcheroo      …adhami3310.Converter 2.2.0    stable      flathub system
Khaleel Al-Adh… …b.adhami3310.Footage 1.3.2    stable      flathub system
Letterpress     …gregorni.Letterpress 2.1      stable      flathub system
Freedesktop Pl… …freedesktop.Platform 22.08.24 22.08       flathub system
Mesa            ….Platform.GL.default 24.0.4   22.08       flathub system
Mesa (Extra)    ….Platform.GL.default 24.0.4   22.08-extra flathub system
Mesa            ….Platform.GL.default 24.0.6   23.08       flathub system
Mesa (Extra)    ….Platform.GL.default 24.0.6   23.08-extra flathub system
openh264        …op.Platform.openh264 2.1.0    2.2.0       flathub system
openh264        …op.Platform.openh264 2.4.1    2.4.1       flathub system
GNOME Applicat… org.gnome.Platform             45          flathub system
GNOME Applicat… org.gnome.Platform             46          flathub system
ZorinBlue-Dark  …theme.ZorinBlue-Dark          3.22        zorinos system
ZorinBlue-Light …heme.ZorinBlue-Light          3.22        zorinos system
ZorinGreen-Dark …heme.ZorinGreen-Dark          3.22        zorinos system
ZorinGreen-Lig… …eme.ZorinGreen-Light          3.22        zorinos system
ZorinGrey-Dark  …theme.ZorinGrey-Dark          3.22        zorinos system
ZorinGrey-Light …heme.ZorinGrey-Light          3.22        zorinos system
ZorinOrange-Da… …eme.ZorinOrange-Dark          3.22        zorinos system
ZorinOrange-Li… …me.ZorinOrange-Light          3.22        zorinos system
ZorinPurple-Da… …eme.ZorinPurple-Dark          3.22        zorinos system
ZorinPurple-Li… …me.ZorinPurple-Light          3.22        zorinos system
ZorinRed-Dark   …3theme.ZorinRed-Dark          3.22        zorinos system
ZorinRed-Light  …theme.ZorinRed-Light          3.22        zorinos system

Nope. It doesn't work on Xorg too.

I would suggest installing the Gnome extension EasyScreenCast.
I use it for work and it runs in the tray. I just right-click on the icon and select the window to record. Works great.

The first 3 Ones shouldn't be preinstalled Programs. So, it could be that it came with them.

Thank you for the suggestion.

And what would you suggest to me in this case? Would uninstalling these 3 fix the problem?

It isn't directly a Problem. That are only additional Packages that are installed. But You can control something. Open the Terminal and type flatpak uninstall --unused and then You get an Output for Flatpak Stuff that are no longer is neccessary. If You don't get an Output, these Gnome Application Packages are needed.

And uninstall these 3 Programs can You do, yes. But when You need them, why You should uninstall them? When You download a Flatpak Version You can control if something will be installed with it. When You are in the Gnome Software Center and You are there on the Program Page You find this:

There You see under the 346,4kb a Note that 323,9MB additional Systemdownloads are neccessary. And that is Stuff like this Gnome Application Packages.

Same problem here.

Image capture works.

Video capture no.

It starts capturing as if everything was fine, but after clicking in the stop capture button, nothing happens, the capture closes and dont save anything.

After this happens, it no longer accepts starting a new video capture. When clicking the button to start capturing nothing happens.

Only after restarting the machine does it allow a new video capture to begin ( where the same error of not saving occurs).

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I see this error in logs, when click in stop capture button.

JS ERROR: TypeError: this._pipeline is undefined

And this error after a new try to start a capture:

Error starting screencast
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Yes, I can confirm these Error's. The Screenshot Tool creates a Folder for the Videos in the /home Videos Directory but it will not save. I found another Entry with ''Error stopping screencast''.

Have you seen this: Screencasts not recording in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS? Here's how to fix that - Neowin