GnuPG keys and keychain not working

Keychain not working in Zorin 16.2. Stopped working recently for all email apps and I have to continually relogin to my chat and mail apps every time I open them
Screenshot from 2023-02-28 10-26-03

I am noticing the same - as well as new issues with

  • Chrome and the notorious Keyring Unlock error
  • The sudo -i or sudo -h commands no longer working in terminal at all. In this, sudo and - both type, the i or h just fail to appear when the keys are pressed.

I reinstalled gnome-policykit and ca-certificates just in case.

Tags to the ZorinGroup as a security issue: @AZorin and @zorink

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In terms of SSH, does this not need a separate Zorin install as a server?:

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