Goodbye Radeon R9 390

There is a good reason why I chose an Intel notebook with Nvidia, instead of an AMD. It doesn't take much research to learn that Intel and Nvidia have greater support for Linux. Where as AMD couldn't give a crud about Linux. I say, time to switch to Nvidia.

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Nvidia have better firmware. Many products apple was only on Intel processors and Nvidia graphic cards. I liked some topics talking about linux. If we have here topic about some discussion hardware and linux. It good to administrator this forum start sort and forward topics to correctly subject on forum. :slight_smile:

8 years ago they adviced amd over nvidia on the linux mint forum. They all said nvidia was a nightmare for linux with drivers. I think nvidia made the switch because of steam with proton.


Ah, good point!
I even did not give it a thought.


Nah. I think they take observation linux now have a better support and more people and they smelling a money. People are always want try new things from old. Besides I am tired reconfiguration my PC or buying new. Everything what I need for me is Linux now. Why because I am now not a younger and we know more people in many countries are retired. They simple check a e-mail,youtube,some simple old games.

a yes nvidia have some a console like a playstaion or something switch pro or something a yes nvidia shield pro. Maybe they can implement from open source what people writing what don't need a paying and gived only code for free but a have a ready product.

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