Google Chrome does load tabs

I installed Chrome from the app store and sync my account.
My pre saved tabs on Chrome settings do not load especially Facebook.
I'm using Zorin Lite.
Should I uninstall the app through the app store and install the .deb file from Google Chrome site?

Let us know which version you installed? @Jesuslinux

I removed the Google Chrome installed from Zorin app store and installed the .deb package from Google Chrome site:

Version 112.0.5615.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Log in to my account and snyced everything.
Restarted the system and it appears to be working fine.
My pre saved tabs load on startup.
Also it feels it loads faster on my old system.

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Glad to hear, thank you and enjoy Zorin OS!

So I'm having this issue again.
System is updated. First time I open Google Chrome it does not load all pre saved tabs on Chrome Settings.

But if I close the browser and open again it loads the tabs.

It was running good for a weak.

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