Got Zorin 16 Pro installed after hanging

After getting Zorin 16 Pro installed on a spare desktop, I worked up the courage to install it on my main computer, which is an ASUS i9, 64 meg ram, 3.5 GHZ. The install was hanging on the slider size page of Windows and Zorin after I hit install. I came to these forums, and someone mentioned unclicking the Install third parties. I did that, and here I am posting using Firefox in Zorin.


Excellent! That was probably a recommendation from our awesome moderator FrenchPress, whom I have not seen in a long time now, and miss her bunches lol.

I am so happy to see these success stories from new users. Welcome to Zorin OS 16! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Love to see alot of windows users are coming to linux :heart:. Enjoy your new os @merlinswingman

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