GPU and Boot Drive

Can i run Zorin on a USB drive / I have a GIGABYTE AORUS GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8G what navidia driver should i use ?

Can't remember if available in Live Mode, but there is an option to install with latest nvidia drivers where latest graphic cards are present.

Yes you can. I have done it several times with various distributions including Zorin. For whatever reason (maybe it was the installer or the USB) it was easier with the ext4 file format - I have tried btrfs with no success.

You just select that USB that you want and install there as a clean install recommended. Encrypting is possible but every time I tried that in the past, the system would get stuck for me so your mileage may vary. It may have been my cheap USB sticks too.

Just looked at your OP again. If you are running Zorin in a USB drive with persistence this will maintain your settings. However, this will mean continuous read/write to your thumb drive which will reduce it's life. My advice would be to use 2 thumb drives, one for Zorin and second one for your data, but you should be able to access your internal drive's storage area as most distributions contain ntfs3g by default so you should be able to access your Windows drive.