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Dear Foristi, after installing Zorin 15 on an antique 32-bit Laptop which works like charm since, I got enthusiastic enough to try Zorin 16 on a Desktop with MSI mainboard and NVIDIA onboard gpu. Installed first attempt. Runs. but then it messes up the monitor image. Scrambles all over, can't even make a screenshot. Menus mix, graphic overlays all over and no way to get the mess cleaned. Parts of the monitor image get black at times. No way to do anything useful with it.
Update was a PITA, but worked. Alas, no cure for the graphic misery.
Other Linux flavors have other issues, so I think Zorin would be the last hope for this machine.
What can I do?

First, ensure that Secure Boot is disabled in the BIOS settings. Test your machine. If still bad graphics, try booting into Zorin with Safe Graphics.
Hopefully, this will make the machine usable for a long enough period to try to get the Graphics drivers sorted out.
You can use the terminal to show us what you are working with:

sudo lshw -c video

Or, open Software & Updates and take a screenshot of the last tab- Additional Drivers.
You probably need a different Nvidia Driver.

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Zorin is 64-bit OS that is your issue. Try Devuan 32-bit OS with xfce DE. You can't install 64-bit OS on 32-bit hardware.

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You need Debian based 32bit OS. Ubuntu dropped 32 bit support and Zorin is now 64bit only. You could try MX Linux 32bit.

The O.P. Did say Zorin OS 15 - which still offers 32bit version.


I now understand. OP is talking about two different machines.

I didn't. On my 32-bit machine, Zorin 15 does a fine job, on my 64-bit machine, Zorin 16 screws up.

Thanks a lot!
I'll try and report what results I got.

Well spotted. Perhaps the guidance on requesting help should be updated to remind forum users that they should stick to the problem and not mention other machines unless the problem is related to more than one machine.
And helpers not to respond in the wee hours of the morning like moi! :grin:

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It is rare that I manage to type a post when I am not being talked to in one ear, the other ear, or both.
Or working.
Or multi-tasking in a mania.
Or sleep deprived.

It is utterly amazing, really, that my drivel is as coherent as it is.

It's never drivel bro.

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