Great Zorin server!

I must sayed Zorin servers are very fast.
It download Zorin 16 Pro iso in 3 minutes.
Now I installing on new hardware and without problems.
I installing a Gnome version and want check how it is looking.
Besides I remember I liked Chrome OS Dark, what I shared on show your desktop topic.
Back to a game.
Installation with partitioning I created efi/esp - 500mb; / root partition 200GB and last /home partition.
When finished writing Zorin was installing in 5 minutes with all updates.


Are you talking about mirrors?

I talking about downloading Zorin iso, also when i using operating system Zorin 16.2 pro. Internet on zorin with updates goin also fast. The same installation 5 minutes with everything.

ZorinGroup definitely doesn’t seem to cheap out on anything. Everything to do with the OS is high quality.

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I must fairly point out that they use open source and University servers. They are not paying for the mirrors.

Not knocking anything. Just - disclosing.

University servers are very fast and propably modern.

True, I was thinking about the download from their website but you are right. That is probably from a university as well.

Yes, the website links to your local regional mirror. You can switch mirrors if the local one is having trouble.
Zorin OS Website downloads used to link to SourceForge.
Around the release of Zorin OS 16, the ZorinGroup switched to a larger and more diverse Mirror base to better serve the Zorin OS Community.

They are called mirrors

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