Grub error when rebooting zorin

Hello everyone, I just installed zorin 16 on a different ssd than the one where I have windows 11. The detail is when I enter Zorin and restart the computer, grub does not appear and instead the typical grub error appears, but if I enter the bios and I choose the disk to boot, the grub appears normal, why does this happen and if there is any solution.

I have that problem. You can used any Linux distribution go to menu start and on search disk and start repairing your partition disk, they are a couple settings. Propably best choices used pendrive with live Linux distribution.

I am not a very experienced linux user, I tell you that I have a 500gb m2 nvm ssd, could that be the error?

Did you set the zorin disk at first in bios ? (Boot option 1)

Is secure boot enabled ?

Yes, first there is the disk that Zorin has, then the Windows disk, when I boot from the bios the grub appears normal, but if I then restart or turn on the computer, I get a grub error

What is the specific error?

This is specifically, as I told you, the operating systems are on different ssd disks, but when I enter the bios and put in the linux disk and then start, grub starts normally, the problem is when I restart or turn on the computer, I get that mistake

At the grub> cursor, type


Then tap the enter key and relay what it says.

Zorin grub opens for me, it may be a possible solution, but how can I get grub to exit without having to issue the exit command?

Ok, so... typing exit does not relay an error but instead boots?


no mistakes

What is the output of

sudo efibootmgr

error: can´t find command sudo'.

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