[Grub] Issue when starting the computer - No server is specified

Hello everyone,

I have an error when I start my computer, there is no dual boot, I took the plunge and installed only Zorin.

The error does not prevent me from starting the computer but when I turn on the computer I get an error "error: no server is specified. Press any key to continue ..."

Basically I had a hwmatch error before I got this one, I added a command line in the grub and updated it. I don't have the hwmatch error anymore but the one I just mentioned.

I would like to point out that also my disk is fully encrypted with LUKS and that I have several hard disks.

Thank you for reading and for your help

The combination of ridding a 'cannot locate hwmatch" with "no server is specified" is a bit concerning about the integrity of the files on the drive.
It sounds a bit like corrupted files in /boot or in /root. I wonder what else is affected.
How old is this install? Is backing up all personal files and reinstalling Zorin OS a viable option for you?
I really think that would be the best way to go.

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Thank you for your answer,

The installation is very recent, not even 1 month and I had this type of problem immediately after the installation. In particular the hwmatch error. Once this one was solved(?), I had this problem instead.

It seems that the disk encryption has something to do with it.

I can still boot, but it would bother me to reinstall everything because I have many virtual machines, etc.

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