Grub not working after windows reinstall

I've been at it for at least 6 hours. That's why I know about Super Grub2disk.
I don't think the grub install will work as it's doing the same thing as live boot.
Might try rescutax but Idk whether it'll work or not. If it doesn't work, I'll just back up as I don't have a lot of personal data. I'll just shift it to the windows drive from zorin and then reinstall zorin whenever the new one gets released. (Till then pain and suffering ig).
Thanks for all the help.

Yes, it is well after 3am here... my own head has been nodding and I am not flying on all engines, either.
I noticed that your EFI partition is also small at 100 megs... created by Windows and for Windows only. Would want that to be around 512megs, instead.

In a recent Zorin base update, the grub partition was automatically fixed.
It seems like the entire grub was reconfigured in that update because it took longer than usual.
Anyways everything working fine now.

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