Gtk and python on Zorin

Hey, this is probably not the place for this kind of question but I am having trouble with following a tutorial on YouTube about the Glade software suite and python, i can't get import gi gi.require_version('Gtk', "3.0") gi.repository import Gtk as gtk to work it says that there is no module "Gtk" does anyone know if there is something I am missing? I can't seem to find much about it online...

Thanks, FailurePoint.


Have you run

sudo apt install python3-gi

Yes, i got it working it was a problem with my IDE instead of Gtk3

you can close the thread if you want. Thanks for the help guys.

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Closed per O.P. request (and can be reopened by request of O.P. in future if the need arises.) Glad you got it solved.

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