Gui not show after try to uninstall python 3.8

Hi, I have try to recover my window using this command "sudo apt install -y gnome gnome-shell zorin-os-desktop", the window is back but no key work even mouse. how to fix this issue ? I want window back not reinstall. thanks.

i cant not use any key even mouse, it is freeze, how to remove nvidia driver?

Is tty screen (Black Command Line Screen) coming up?
Ctrl + Alt + F1

not working

i can login other desktop except zorin desktop. i can login zorin desktop but it freeze. it happen after run this command "sudo apt install -y gnome gnome-shell zorin-os-desktop", it will be back after uninstall nvidia ?

Please Perform a Restart and then press the above keys :smile:

done. everything ok but launchpad not show

Reinstall it, First check if it is installed by checking the version number.

i have installed pro. version now mac like lauchpad is inactive, i think installed gnome is not pro version. how it can back ?

Can you please try:

sudo apt install zorin-os-desktop-premium

it says unable to locate package

Perhaps it is

sudo apt install zorin-os-premium-desktop

If neither of the above work, you may need to insert your Zorin OS Pro installation medium and enable it as a source.

Note for non-Pro users:

The above commands will only work on installations of Zorin OS Pro. It will not work on Core or Lite (Or versions of Education), nor can it enable a user to "upgrade" from Core to Pro.

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how to enable it? I have premium disk. I am sorry i am new to linux

Open your app menu and search for and launch Software & Updates application.
Or you can tap ctrl+F2 and enter in software-properties-gtk

Insert your Zorin OS Pro installation medium.
In the Software & Updates app, navigate to the Other Software tab.
Check the box for cdrom:[Zorin-OS... to on.

Your installation medium is now available to use as a package installation source.

When youa re finished, please remember to uncheck the box for cdrom:[Zorin-OS... and remove the installation medium.
Software upgrades that may have come down after you installed the OS could cause conflict with any older packages in the installation media if you forget and leave that enabled.

how to remove gnome and reinstall as pro from installation media?

As above- just with the install media set enabled as a souce as described in this post.

i have bootable usb drive not cd

cant found

cdrom is just a name from days gone by... it will use the USB installation media.

ummm... It should be present - it is default installed on Zorin OS.
Was it removed somehow?
In app menu, search software by typing it into the open app menu. See if Software & Updates app is offered in the list.