Had Zorin for about a week now, laptop runs super quiet

Like wow O_O. Where is the constant fan spooling noise I've been so accustomed to in windows? How do I know my laptop is even running now?? I had no idea an OS could make such a difference. Making the switch has been awesome


I'll tell you what the difference is...

(Fans Not Spinning)

Zorin OS has none of the spying telemetry that MS uses. But fans will spin under heavier workloads, which is normal.

(Fans Spinning All The Time)

MS uses telemetry spying to mine your data, sell it to the highest bidder, this means your computer is always working for them, not for you.


When one buys a computer, they prefer to get their money's worth out of it. So why would you let a company who never paid for it have access to your machine? You know what thats a lot like? Having somebody stay at your house for free without paying rent, but they are stealing a dollar a day out of your secret jar reserve, rainy day fund.


Stay away from Windows, stay on Linux, and enjoy your new life, with fans not spinning all the time. Its quieter now, you can hear yourself think.


yeah i thought it was bc my hardware was getting old so i bought a new machine thinking i had to just keep up with the times. now i know that's not the case and this laptop has lots of years to come thanks to linux.

your analogy is so on point. i imagine moving into an apartment and the landlord being like, yeah you can use all the nice things in this apartment, but i'm going to count how many times you turn on the lights, flush the toilet, what shows you watch, where you put your dishes away, what side of the bed you sleep on. then i'm going to sell this information to make 'better' apartments for the masses.

how many people would still sign that lease? i bet a lot, all the privacy agreements are blatantly in front of people now and linux has just a mere 2% of the market share. scary what people will sign away. they just have to take an inch away at a time...


I have a friend likes Linux and was about to install Linux in his pc but decided not to because he thought that he would do something wrong and he would loose his windows 10 installation. Yes I did try to convince him to give Linux one more chance, but I think he lost it. Only if he would have tried it at least once, he would have seen it's beauty and power. And why I think most people in my school does not try Linux is because they have grown up seeing Ubuntu in lab. I personally think that Ubuntu looks bad at least the one in my lab does. I don't know if they have ever updated it after it was first installed. :rofl: And these things never connect to the internet.

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The lab in your school are using Linux machines? Well, that sure is news to me. In America, if the computer's arn't MAC's, then they are Windows machines in schools, and students have their own Chromebooks for schooling now too.

This is the first I am hearing of Linux on school machines. But I agree with Ubuntu looking like garbage, it was never a pretty looking OS, nor does straight Ubuntu function very well either, its loaded with more bugs then an ant colony.

Zorin OS and POP OS are all you need. Somebody should tell the School office to wake up, smell the PCB traces, and get Zorin OS 16 Education on all those machines. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes 3/4 of the lab is linux and 1/4 if I remember right is windows 7. Windows is only given to kids. They only have to learn windows at their age.

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