Hang on zorin os when try to develop unity game

Everything was fine but hung up or stuck after a few moments when trying to make the Unity game on the Asus vivobook S551LN laptop. If this laptop is not suitable for this, give some suggestions for game development. Thanks to all.

I know that Game Maker and Unreal Engine have excellent trust, right?

Thanks guys but I mean laptop not game engine. I am comfortable with unity. I need to know why hang on my laptop? So, I need more powerful laptop or inside error on zoirn os?

I watched a video a while ago where an engineer tells that SSD and HDD may be dying if you hear some noise that you never heard before or your system is often crashing, lagging or displaying BSOD randomly. Then it's the case to make a backup and change it. You may want to check your hard disk status doing some specific tests, but I can't tell more as I'm not aware of them all and I'm not so deeply experienced on this context. I'd prefer an HDD despite it's sensible to physical damages rather than an SSD that expires, I prefer durability over time rather than power that expires. Perhaps you can check S.M.A.R.T. test, open Disks > click your hard disk > Unit Options (on the left of Minimize) > Data and SMART test….

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