Happy Thanksgiving

In The USA (and some other countries do similar), the Holiday Thanksgiving takes place, today.
The history of it is a tale best left off the forum. Opinions vary.

But the thing about Holidays is not what they mean... But what they mean to us.

To be thankful.
Here on this forum, spread across many nations, many cultures, many concepts, many different holidays...
We all have things to be thankful for.

Thanks to the Artyom and Kyrill Zorin for providing one of the Best Distros available.
Your dedication to detail, input, feedback, performance and experience makes this the only distro I use.

Thanks to all the members of the forum that help others, troubleshoot, give ideas and... argue over opinions. Without these, our minds would slump into complacency. Keep on rockin'.

Thanks to all who chose Zorin Os Pro to keep the project moving forward.

Thanks to every member who placed their trust in this forum to seek resolutions to issues.


Well we don't have a similar feast here in Holland, but I know what you mean.

Seeing many movies by now I know what it's all about and the main food is the turkey. And I do share your feeling about ZorinOS.


For me, Corned Beef or HAM...


Thanks for the message. I also have the luxury of being born on this day and the unique pleasure of sharing with my father also born on this day. So I'm a Turkey and everyone in the USA is celebrating my special day too. :grin:

Now back to my Duvels and enjoy the 11 degree weather. Hey good excuse for the Duvel!!


Congratulations to you Bubby,

Hope your still young enough to go chasing, perhaps a unicorn would be useful and with 'Duvel' you mean the beer right. If so, is that the one our neighbors the Belgians produce?

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Celebrated Sunday with the extended family , but still enjoying the holiday weekend. :partying_face:


Guilty! Pale is my pleasure and last time around 1973 when I was in Holland I must say they have some wonderful ones as well. But this is my go to here.

Now back to my unicorn... giddy up ...Darn Trump get out of the way


Totally agree, thank you so much. You are a wonderful bunch, ya' all.

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This movie always comes to mind:


Bit late but this one comes in mind, it also has a bit of history in it, how it all started, also good for the kids.


Wish I'd had it for the grandkids...I love 'em to death, but they got more energy then I can handle sometimes. Would have gave them something to do while the grown-ups talked (and drank Duvel) :roll_eyes:

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Saw a lot of animation with my kids. I do appreciate the humor they bring a long, very satisfying.
Stopped using the alcoholic drinks, long ago, was a big fan of the beer and whisky, perhaps they don't match while watching animations.


After years on the road doing these shows and never really partying(maybe a few left handed cigarettes) I decided to enjoy the comfort of adult beverages! And my grandkids OURBIGONE


Did you attracted a crowd that large, you must have been well known at the time then. You know what they say about rock n roll while on the road.

Paid the bills and put money in the bank since I was about 16. Did pretty good traveled the world, recorded a few albums, did the studio musician thing. Played with many that lived the "rock n roll" lifestyle and watched many crumble and a few survive. I never fell victim to that (although I had my moments)... Did the SXSW thing Festivals in Denmark, Germany, and France.


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