Hardest game?

For those who (or used to) play video games, what was the game that you found the hardest? For me, it was the original Rayman from 1995.

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I remember struggling with that one, too. I never beat it... but was not sure if the difficulty or the garish colors is what prompted me to give up on it.
The only other game I ever played that I never beat was Parasite Eve. Great game.
Got stuck at that giant spider. Never beat it.
Never tried again.

I'd probably beat it easy these days...


Never played Parasite Eve but played PE2, also never managed to beat it but sure had tons of fun with it!

Another classic game that I actually managed to beat but cost me endless hours: Solomon's Key.


I completely agree with you! I've never been able to beat Parasite Eve, either, but I've had a lot of fun with it. And Solomon's Key is so difficult to beat, and it's crazy! It's definitely one of my favorite classic games. It's great to see that classic games like these are still being enjoyed today. For those looking for a more modern gaming experience, there are plenty of great mobile games to look forward to in 2023 and beyond. I just read an interesting article on playoholic.com about the best mobile games to look forward to this year, so if you're interested, check it out.

I never beated the game alcatraz on the amiga.

Aaaahhhh! The Amiga! I misplaced my mouse, have paid an extortionate amount for a replacement off e-bay. My favourite games on Amiga 1500 have been/are:
Europa Outrun - finished it! Road Rash - gets harder the further on you get, like all games, Cannon Fodder - never fully completed, Elf, Lotus Turbo Challenge, Dalek Attack (has a glitch which means if you even beat Level 2 it goes back to one!), Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix, Dune (have both Amiga and PC and the music on Amiga is far better than the PC version) - wasn't too hard, finished it, Prince of Persia - never finished it, Beau Jolly game compilation of Cannon Fodder, T2 (Terminator), The Chaos Engine - can't beat it, but someone once gave me a cracked copy that means you never die!, The Settlers, a HELP! compilation whose proceeds went to children's charities, comprising Sensible Soccer, Pushover, Road Rash - hard motorbike racing with attitude, Desert Strike, Robocop 3 (glitches!), Lure of the Temptress - I've only managed once to escape the dungeon then get killed in the shop! Colossus Chess - never beaten it. Think I have Wing Commander - never finished that one. Also got it on Amiga CD32. The most impossible game to complete has to be on the Amiga CD32 - Microcosm CD32 Gameplay - YouTube
You are miniaturised and injected into a body to recover something, so you have to fight off the endless antibodies trying to eliminate you - you can enter the body from different locations or rather choose to be injected at different points! Never new there had been a 64-bit in the pipeline! THE LOST AMIGA CD64 - After the CD32... - A Commodore History Documentary - YouTube

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A lot of games you listed, i played them as well :sunglasses::ok_hand:t2:.

Good old days…i had a amiga a500. Remember the mouse and keep cleaning it from dust ? :joy:

Sure do! I know I had placed it in an open storage box which doesn't appear to be here. Still waiting delivery for the replacement. I have an Amiga 1500 which originally came with just 1 Mb RAM and 2 Amiga Floppy Drives (1.76 Mb as opposed to PC 1.44 Mb). I sold all my Corgi and Dinky Diecast cars and Action Man at Auction which raised £1,800 back in the 90's. With the dosh I upgraded the Amiga with an £80+ Oktagon SCSI card which hosts a 1 Gb SCSI drive (cost £219!) and not sure if I have 2 Mb or 4 Mb of Zip RAM on board - the most efficient RAM proven by the fact that I tested how quick my Amiga 1500 booted against an AMD 400 MHz machine with 128 Mb RAM and it booted quicker than that. Amigas would always outdo PC's on shutdown as all you have to do is turn off the power switch.

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