Has anyone had luck getting hibernation to work on 17?

Hi, I just went through the hassle of activating hibernate and followed mainly the instructions by boldos.
The one thing I had to do that none of the instructions mentioned - my system was installed with default options, so it had the default swapfile, which did not disappear when I created the swap partition and subsequently got in the way. (To check, run "swapon --show", if there is more than 1 entry, it might be the issue why hibernation is not working).
"sudo swapoff /swapfile" got (temporarily) rid of it, and after that the hibernation worked like a charm.

Unfortunately, I observed that after a reboot the default swapfile will return, so I assume that I have to repeat this every time I reboot the computer. If anyone could point out how to permanently get rid of it, I'd appreciate it.

Hope this is helpful.