Have to ignore ? missing firmware

hey there, while installing updates , i tried to read it's detail , and i got something like missing firmware.

i have to ignore this ? or not?
also at the last , updater said failed to........, something like this , i can't able to read it as it removed too soon .
thank you!

This might help:

noo, its 1st step is not working well ,
it said normally it look like this :-

but in my pc , its showing something else:-

terminal detail

Ubuntu Pastebin

link expiration : - 1 month


They are warnings and they are also safe to ignore if you are having no graphics issues.

If the system is older or you are running an older kernel, you may be able to install the firmware from git.
Otherwise, these are kind of a 'placeholder' in the framework of the kernel for AMD GPU's that are not yet released.
These warnings are likely to disappear after the next upgrade.


Thanks for this clarification!
I've never used AMD graphics and my NVIDIA cards are quite old side, I never thought of such error messages. Well, live and learn, as we say :slight_smile:

I see these warnings about once per year or so. It's rough on perfectionists, as we "see a problem" and feel compelled to try to solve it. A bit like some gtk-warnings.

But as long as a person is not getting a pixelated screen or trouble trying to wake the computer from sleep, it usually means that there is an empty slot in the kernel for when those drivers are released to open source (in this case, by AMD). Which is encouraging, actually, to see that planning ahead.

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