Having issues due to Python install

You do not need pip unless you are performing python installs. PIP stands for "Pip Installs Python" - a case where the acronym as a name contains the name creating the acronym in the first place. Like WINE.
If you do not have PIP, that is normal.

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Thanks .... I just let Zorin updates install or update Python ..... much safer for me that way ..... :+1:

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I replace the older version of python to new version. The new version is 3.10.10

This is not recommended since much of the libraries your software depends on expects a certain version of python. While the software updater application should monitor and keep up with these changes, some applications won't, and will fail if a newer version of the dependencies are installed instead of the expected version.

You could always attempt to install pip, which is not included in the base install. The command is displayed in Frog's screenshot.

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I have tried all methods!

is there any solution to fix the updator ? Everything is working fine except software updator and I am also not been able to install any package using sudo apt install.

Return python 3.8/9 to the system, add 3.10 in addition to and use update-alternatives.

Software updater and apt both use python dependencies, i believe. Your update to python 3 modified the libraries in a way that rendered the applications inoperable.

That or reinstall.